The Spiritual Awakening Program

Energy Management & the Steps to Spiritual Awakening

  • How do we loose energy?
  • How do we gain or expand it?
  • How can we learn to manage our energy better?
  • How can we maintain a level of energy that makes us happy, healthy and able to invest in our dreams?

In this module we learn to manage the subtle energies within and around us, so that we can create health, abundance and bliss. We also delve into steps of spiritual awakening so that we can recognize them as we move along our path.

The Energy Body & the Chakra System

  • What is the Energy Body?
  • Why should I care about it?
  • How will knowing about it help me feel better about my life and myself?

The Energy Body is the holder of our physical body’s blueprint for health, and a greater understanding of it allows us to be proactive in taking responsibility for our wellbeing. The chakras are the main organs of the Energy Body and managing them well helps us advance in our own spiritual journey. 

Shedding the Past

Shedding our past is an act of power and of love! Learning to release traumas and memories that weigh heavily on us returns enough energy to the Present so that we can manifest our dreams. We are not our history or our story! Changing perceptions of how we hold our past experiences allows us to identify the soul lessons and gifts, ensuring a blissful tomorrow.

Facing our Fears

Our fears paralyze us from reaching for our highest potential. They usually stem from past experiences or from our environment, which we then send forward in our minds to possible future events. When we ask someone about their dreams they usually tell us what they don’t want. Learning to face our fears allows us to create what we do want, paying attention to the moment and to the beauty in our lives.


Manifesting our Dreams & Spirituality in Everyday Life

Now that we have returned enough energy into our system we can start learning how to manifest our future. We become the stewards of our own life and get actively involved in creating it, aware of feeding our dreams rather than the illusions of the mind. Integrating our spiritual selves into our daily lives allows us to manifest a life filled with joy and harmony.