A Return to Ancient Wisdom


Growing up in Guatemala, in the land where well over 60% of today’s Maya descendants live in small picturesque villages, Beatriz Orive discovered her Spiritual and Social foundation. With parents who appreciated the Maya people and their heritage, they encouraged their children to expand their knowledge of the history of their country’s culture. Weekends and holidays were spent traveling to the enchanted highlands, witnessing the current customs and ancient ceremonies in the villages. Amidst a country riddled with political and social instability, she traveled to the United States for her college and graduate education.

Working hard she became highly successful in the ‘first world’ of achievements and recognition as a Corporate Executive for global multinationals. The world of external accolades and triumphs started loosing its allure as she searched for internal fulfillment. This is the incredible journey of a woman who defied many cultural archetypes of Latin America, quickly rising to the corner office in Global Business, only to give it all up for her mission to help people awaken to their inner peace and power.

In A Return to Ancient Wisdom Beatriz Orive shares her own journey with amazing clarity, warmth, and humor, and we become witnesses to her most intimate spiritual path and the development of her inner Shaman.