Awakening The Soul

A Journey to Inner Wisdom and Healing

Welcome to our beautiful sacred space! We are so honored and excited that you found us. 

We dedicate our efforts to helping seekers learn to manage energies within and around them, with the intention of creating peace and beauty in their lives, and therefore in Mother Earth. You will find classes and resources designed to greatly improve your life and empower you in your spiritual path to wholeness. 


We look forward to connecting with you.


Everything about the formation of Awakening the Soul flowed with amazing synchronicity, including how the teachings came to be. My intention was to develop a clear roadmap for living a peaceful and joy-filled life. The topics began to appear in repeated meditations and journeys, the format filling up in a perfect symphony. In very little time the whole school framework was assembled, all with the help of higher guidance.

It is important for each of us to experience spirituality on a personal level, and to develop a spiritual discipline we can own. At Awakening the Soul we place great emphasis on developing creative exercises and practices that will help students develop their own roadmap. We also explore the interconnection of the four bodies (spiritual, emotional, mental and physical), and how understanding and healing them is critical in creating lasting shifts. Lastly, we feel simplicity is the most powerful way to learn in any discipline, and strive to deliver our teachings in that way.

We offer two distinct programs:

The Spiritual Awakening Program – consists of five weekend modules, each with its own theme and building upon the previous module. They are taught two to three months apart, giving students time and tools to integrate the learnings into their own lives.

The Mastery Program in Shamanism & Energy Medicine – consists of four intense workshops, each lasting 5 days. These workshops follow the four directions of the Medicine Wheel. For more details on each please see below.


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Beatriz Orive

Beatriz Orive

Beatriz M. Orive was born and raised in Guatemala and educated in the United States. As a youth she spent many happy weekends and vacations visiting Mayan villages and learning their customs and ceremonies. She felt a deep soul connection to the ancient wisdom keepers. In later life, she would see this time as the original awakening of her Shamanic journey.

Beatriz is a multi-cultural and trilingual entrepreneur, with an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management. She had an extremely successful corporate career in Strategic Planning and Strategic Marketing for 17 years, working at the executive level of Fortune 100 corporations and later in her own consulting company. During her international business career she honed her interests as a cultural anthropologist, studying people’s behaviors and cultural nuances in depth. This has given her the gift of deep insight into how people feel, think and interact.

Since the late 1980’s, Beatriz has been fully immersed in studying multiple Spiritual Disciplines as part of her personal quest to find that ‘something missing.’ In 1995 she decided to delve deeper into Shamanism and Energy Medicine, eventually making it her own spiritual discipline. A few years later she settled into serious full time studies with a noted Shamanic Mentor/Teacher. With memories of her early experiences with the Maya, it was no surprise that this would be her calling. In 2003, Beatriz transitioned completely into the arena of Spiritual Teaching and Healing, founding the Mystery School, Awakening the Soul, where she continues to teach and lecture throughout the United States and Latin America.



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